Content Design

I have experience designing content in higher education and literary magazine settings. Below are some sample projects I have completed.

History of Film Online Course Design

After receiving certification to be a Quality Matters (QM) instructional designer, I adapted a face-to-face lecture for Canvas, an online learning management platform used by New Mexico State University. I also taught the course online for two semesters.

Course Objectives

  • Distinguish various historic film movements, terminology, key people, and innovations that have contributed to the development of the global film industry.
  • Analyze and interpret aspects of film history and how films have shaped and been shaped by society, politics, and the film industry itself.
  • Clearly describe film eras and genres and their influence on the films being viewed.
  • Create a dialogue with other learners debating the importance and impact of certain films and their presence in historical and current events.


  1. Build course site according to QM rubric.
  2. Clarify student expectations with weekly instructor check-in posts.
  3. Implement weekly reading comprehension quizzes.
  4. Create discussion questions asking students to respond to questions raised in film screening and/or reading and bring in questions of their own.
  5. Require students to respond to at least two classmates.
  6. Assess student writing and analysis through midterm essay and final projects (research paper on a topic in film history or video project utilizing themes/techniques from a historical filmmaker).

Results and Resolutions

  • Students struggled to submit discussion posts and assignments on time due to irregular employment schedules. Resolution: Push deadline back from early evening to midnight.
  • Students found assignment instructions confusing to follow. Resolution: Simplify instructions and include examples.

The Oval Literary Magazine

As the Design and Layout Editor for The Oval, an undergraduate literary magazine at The University of Montana, I helped create the cover design and organize the internal content for the fourth and fifth volumes.