Social Media Campaigns

As the Marketing and Development Intern for Quasimondo Physical Theatre, an independent theatre company in Milwaukee, WI, I helped develop a strong, consistent social media presence and strategy for future volunteers. My contributions: doubling organic engagement; expanding audience outreach, leading to sold-out shows; and creating a social media and brand style guide.


1. Identify Digital Brand

After reviewing the company’s social media content, I categorized their brand in four main areas: Community, Collaboration, Inspiration, and Imagination. I then generated posts that attempted to meet one or more of these criteria.

3. Develop Promotional Strategies for Shows

Next, I generated specific campaigns to promote shows and events. I extended outreach through strategic tagging and sharing with similar pages and groups.

2. Reinforce Consistent Presence

I developed a posting schedule to maintain the company’s activity and engagement across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

4. Create Style Guide

After 6 months, I assessed the effectiveness of these strategies and used the results to compose a social media and brand style guide for the company to share with future volunteers and interns.

Sample Social Media Posts

“Mrs. Wrights” Campaign

The November 2019 production of “Mrs. Wrights,” an original solo dance theatre piece by Jenni Reinke performed at the Charles Allis Art Museum, focused on the lives of five women close to notable architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The social media campaign highlighted the historical stories of each woman through character spotlights and promotional graphics. Photo credit: Andy Walsh

Community Engagement Posts

For general social media posts, I contributed editorial and graphic content in the form of Artist Spotlight interviews, affiliated events, holiday posts, and Giving Tuesday.